Nuclear power plant control room

The control room of a nuclear power plant is a space that brings together all the controls and information necessary to safely manage the operation of the facility.

Signals are received from all the equipment, components and systems that make up the plant, allowing them to be controlled from a single location. Those responsible for the operation of the plant work in this space, carrying out all the necessary activities, from routine surveillance or maintenance operations to emergency management.

To ensure the safety and smooth operation of the plant and, in turn, to train the employees who work or will work in the control room of this type of facility, there is an exact replica called the "control room simulator" or "full-scope simulator". It is considered an indispensable tool for staff training and testing to ensure the safety and proper functioning of a plant.

As a curiosity, the level of detail of the simulator is such that not only are the numerous control devices and tables accurate, but also chairs, lamps, tables, environment, etc. to reflect the same information and conditions that exist in the real control room.

A look inside a control room

Source: William H. Calvin
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