On-site Visit: Enresa Information Vandellós I (Spain)


The Enresa spaces are interactive centres that provide information in a scientific but accessible way. They are open to all types of public, although their contents are especially adapted for the student community. The information is presented on panels, models, and audiovisuals that seek the visitor's participation. Furthermore, the visits are accompanied at all times by specialised staff who will answer any questions you may have.

They are free and open all year round. The only requirement is to book in advance, as the visits are scheduled.

Located in the former nuclear power plant Vandellós I (dismantled to level II), this centre provides information on Enresa's dismantling activities.

Implemented technologies for dismantling nuclear facilities as well as their management in relation to radioactive waste generated are shown to the visitors. There are also practical workshops for students and a guided tour through the facilities of what once was the Vandellós I nuclear power plant.

How to visit the site

Please contact those responsible by telephone: +34 977 818 500 or by email: cevisva@enresa.es

The Espacio Enresa Vandellós I is located at Road N-340, Km 1123,7, 43890 L'Hospitalet de L'Infant (Tarragona).

For further information: Enresa's Information Centres

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