Monographic: Periodic Table of the Elements

Timeline of Chemical Element Discoveries

The discovery of the 118 chemical elements known to exist as of 2021 is presented in chronological order.Read more

Interactive Sheet: Periodic Table

When Dimitri Mendeléiev ordered the chemical elements into a table according to their physical properties, chemistry changed forever. Even though he was not awarded the Nobel for his work, a chemical element was named after him: Mendelevium (Md).Read more

The Genius of Mendeléyev

The elements had already been listed and organised before Dmitri Mendeléyev. So why is it that Mendeléyev's periodic table is the one that has endured?Read more

Interactive Sheet: Curiosities about the Periodic Table

Discover everything behind the elements of the Periodic Table, and learn about the origin of their names, the people who discovered them, whether they are present in nature or are artificial, etcetera.Read more

Interactive Sheet: Women scientists who contributed to the periodic table

Some are part of history and others are great unknowns, but without any of their contributions, the periodic table would not be as we know it.Read more

Spanish in the Periodic Table

The periodic table of elements is the result of a great effort on the part of hundreds of people who for centuries have tried to understand how things are made. Over the years, this arrangement of chemical elements has become, universally, one of the most recognized images of science. However, it is not a well-known […]Read more

Curiosities of the Names on the Periodic Table

There's a whole lot of fascinating history on Mendeleev's table. Some carry names from antiquity, some are named for people, some for places, and some for mythical beings. Discover the etymology of the elements!Read more