Virtual Visit: Information Centre of the Ascó - Vandellós II Nuclear Association (Spain)

Centro de información de la Central Nuclear de Ascó
Centro de Información de ANAV

The Ascó-Vandellós II Nuclear Association Information Centre is a space of more than 1,000 m2 that allows visitors to learn about the operation and day-to-day life of a nuclear power plant in an interactive way. By interacting with some thirty panels, visitors have the opportunity to understand in an entertaining way concepts about energy and nuclear energy in particular.

The modules are adapted to audiences of all ages and profiles: secondary school students, university students, collectives, groups and the general public.

The contents are presented in a friendly and pedagogical way, in such a way as to provide an in-depth look at general aspects of energy, such as sources, frequency, and wavelength, intensity, and turbine operation, as well as knowledge of nuclear energy: safety, the control room, and nuclear fission, among others.

Click on the image to take a virtual tour of this information centre:

Virtual tour of the information centre


Information Centre of ANAV
43791 Ascó, Tarragona

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