What is remote management?


What is remote management?

Remote management allows reading of electricity consumption and carrying out operations remotely thanks to the development of a state-of-the-art communication system between smart meters, which replace traditional electricity meters, and the electricity company.

Advantages of remote management

Endesa's remote management system has multiple advantages:

  • The consumption reading is done remotely.
  • Billing is done on actual readings, thus avoiding estimated bills.
  • The operations related to the supply (registration, cancellation, modification of power or rate, etc.) are carried out remotely.
  • Execution of remote operations in less than 24 hours in most cases.
  • Faster detection and identification of incidents.
  • Better information on energy consumption, which will favor savings and efficiency.

Endesa's innovative remote management system uses communications technology called Meters & More. This innovative technology developed by Enel and Endesa is already in operation with millions of customers in Italy and Spain. It is also open, interoperable, in the process of standardization at a European level and has been made available to all companies in the sector through the non-profit association, located in Brussels, which bears the same name, Meters & More.

Endesa's remote management constitutes the technological basis for the evolution towards smart grids, including advanced functionalities such as grid automation, the integration of distributed generation and electric vehicles.

The telemanageable meter

The remote management meter is the main element of the remote management system. Its installation represents a great change in the relationship with the client. The new Spanish and European regulations promote the implementation of meters that contribute to the active participation of consumers in the electricity market to contribute to the efficiency of the final use of energy. In order to comply with the regulations, Endesa is developing a replacement plan for all customer meters with contracted power of up to 15 kW, that is, that corresponding to the so-called domestic supplies.

Endesa is the leading and pioneering remote management company that currently has the largest number of smart meters installed nationwide and whose system has been operational since October 2010. Electricians authorized by Endesa Distribución will proceed to replace a total of 13 million meters between 2011 and 2018.

The new counters are:

  • More intelligent: They facilitate the reading of consumption and remote operations.
  • More flexible: They allow contracted rates to be adapted to consumption habits.
  • More efficient: They provide information on consumption to facilitate saving and responsible use of energy.
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