What are Small Modular Reactors?

The United States proposes that they can incorporate several Small Modular Reactor (SMR) units into their energy matrix within the next 10 years, as reported by the United States Secretary of Energy, Ernest Moniz, at a conference of the Energy Information Agency. “We expect to see the first of these (SMR) units, particularly on a scale up to 50 MW, early in the next decade,” Moniz stated. Moniz noted that the United States is very interested in testing these small modular reactors to ensure the safety and environmental benefits of these devices, adding that these reactors also have advantages in terms of low capital costs.

SMRs are smaller nuclear reactors, designed to produce electricity in isolated areas or with small electrical networks, or in places where space and water are scarce. Currently, these reactors can contemplate up to 300 MW of energy produced. In 2012, the United States launched a 6-year program for 452 million dollars to promote the development of these reactors.

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