The electric current

Electric current is the orderly movement of electric charges through an electrically conductive material.
Electric current can be used to produce heat, light, sound, or motion.


The __________________ is an orderly movement of electric charges through a material.
The charges of a current carry _____________.
Electrical energy can be transformed into other forms of ___, such as ___ or _____.
The more charges flow through a material, the higher the current ________.

Of the following materials say which are electrically conductive.

  • Plastic ________________________________
  • Iron __________________________________
  • Gold _________________________________
  • Wood ________________________________
  • Copper _______________________________
  • Rubber _______________________________

Now, explain the difference between a conductive material and an insulating material.



Give an example of each of the effects that an electric current can produce.

  •  Magnetic effect _____________________________________
  •  Sound effect ________________________________________
  •  Heat effect _______________________________________
  •  Light effect _______________________________________
  •  Mechanical effect ___________________________________
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