Television and computer

TV and computer


La televisión y el ordenador

Today in almost every home there is more than one TV. Its power is not very great but its use is practically constant at home.

Televisions represent 10% of the electricity consumption of Spanish families. The current trend is for most households to purchase televisions with a larger screen, with more functions, and therefore more power.

There are people who, when they have finished watching television, leave it in the standby position, this error is very frequent, for prolonged absences, or when it is not being watched, it is convenient to turn it off completely by pressing the disconnection button, since the standby mode can consume up to 15% of the consumption in normal operating conditions.

The computer

La televisión y el ordenador

In recent decades, computer hardware has undergone great development. Almost all Spanish homes have a computer, since it is a useful tool for all family members.

The screen is the component of the computer that consumes the most energy. It is advisable to purchase computers with the ENERGY STAR label, this type of PC can go into sleep state when it detects that it is not being used for a certain time and its energy consumption is a maximum of 15% of the usual consumption of these devices.

Practical advice on the use of television and computer

  • Buy printers that can print double-sided. You will contribute to avoiding the felling of so many trees!
  • When you are doing work with the computer and rest for a while, disconnect the screen.
  • Use screensavers in dark colors, they are the ones that consume less energy.
  • Use "thieves" or multi-connection sockets with a switch. In this way, when you turn off the switch, several devices will be disconnected at the same time and you will save energy.
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