Pencils to the center



Encourage debate to achieve the resolution of a specific problem among all.


The teacher gives each team a sheet with the following questions:

1st- Give examples that you know in which the electric charge is manifested.

2nd- Name 4 electrical devices that you have at home that work with batteries.

3rd- Classify the following objects as conductors and insulators: rubber ring, iron nail, glass lens, wooden wedge, silver cup, sheet of paper.

4th- What should we do with the exhausted batteries? Why?

Each student is responsible for a question or exercise, they must read it aloud, make sure that everyone provides information, expresses their opinion and check that everyone knows and understands the answer.

When one of them reads "their" question or exercise aloud, they all talk about how it is done and how it is solved, deciding together what the answer is. At that moment, everyone's pencils are in the center, because it is the moment to talk and not to write. When everyone is clear about it and they know how to solve it, they take the pencils and individually, they solve it in their notebooks. It is time to write, you can no longer talk or put anything in common.

Next, the pencils are put back in the center and we proceed in the same way with another question, this time directed by another student. Thus, successively with all the questions (there will be one for each student).


Analysis of any type of tasks.


It can be combined with Numbered Heads, when everyone has done their exercises, the teacher chooses a number from 1 to 4 from each of the teams, to solve it on the blackboard and explain it to their classmates.


One session.

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