Nick Vasey and radiographic art

Nick Veasey is a British photographer whose catalog of x-rays has become the most extensive and diverse anywhere. He started with small objects such as toys, plants or clothing, gradually moving on to more ambitious and larger projects such as cars, buses or even a Boeing 777, which holds the record for the largest X-ray in history. "When I X-ray an image, the result is the same size as the original," he recounted. For this reason, when it comes to very large objects, he chooses to photograph the parts separately and then put them together using a computer program: “The plane was in the United States and they sent it to me in pieces to my studio in England, the process lasted a year entire and the image is composed of 500 radiographs.

To X-ray toys, clothing, flowers and planes, Veasey uses a purpose-built facility that consists of industrial X-ray machines “200 times more powerful than what we find in hospitals” and thick lead-lined concrete walls. .

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