Natural gas reserves in the world

Las reservas de gas natural en el mundo

There are natural gas deposits on every continent on the planet. The most important natural deposits so far discovered are in countries like the United States and Canada in North America; Argentina, Venezuela and Trinidad and Tobago in South America; Germany, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Italy, Holland or Great Britain in Europe; the Russian Federation, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan; Algeria, Libya, Nigeria or Egypt in Africa; Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates or Iran in the Middle East; and Australia, India or China in Asia-Oceania.

In Europe, world reserves represent 3.5% of the total. The three major producing countries are Great Britain, Norway and the Netherlands –the latter with the largest proven reserves in the entire continent–, a good part of which have been found in the North Sea. The first exploitations were those of the deposits discovered in Austria, Italy and France.

Although in the Spanish state the production of natural gas is not very important, pockets have been found in various parts of the Peninsula, such as the provinces of Álava and Seville, the Basque coast or the Gulf of Cádiz. Thus, practically all the natural gas consumed in our country comes from abroad, specifically from Libya, Algeria and Abu Dhabi, among others.

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