Monograph: Argentina, a reference in research reactors

Argentina, a reference country in research reactors

In 1958, the first research reactor was commissioned in Latin America, specifically in Argentina. This was the starting point for the subsequent development of research and production reactors in this country, which has become a reference point, building, refurbishing and selling components to other nations such as Algeria, Egypt, Peru and Australia.Read more

RA-0 and RA-4. Argentinean low-power research reactors

Argentina currently has two critical assemblies, RA-0 and RA-4. These are low-power research reactors that do not require a cooling system.Read more

RA-3 and RA-6. Argentine radioisotope research and production reactors

The Argentine RA-3 and RA-6 research reactors are essentially radioisotope producers, although they are also used in other applications.Read more

RA-10, Argentine Multipurpose Reactor

The CNEA is carrying out the design, construction, assembly and commissioning of a multipurpose nuclear reactor whose main objective is the production of radioisotopes for medical and industrial use.Read more
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