Monograph: Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein Biography

Albert Einstein was a world-renowned theoretical physicist whose work on the theory of relativity and the concept of mass-energy equivalence revolutionized scientific thought. He also made important contributions to the development of quantum mechanics and statistical mechanics. Einstein was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1921.Read more

Albert Einstein: The story behind Einstein's most iconic image

On Albert Einstein's 72nd birthday he was leaving the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton (New Jersey, USA) when the paparazzi stalked him in the hope of overhearing one of his witty banter and taking the perfect photo. However, Einstein, unfriendly to the limelight and increasingly weary of their presence, did what the journalists least expected.Read more

Amazing Facts About Albert Einstein

Did you know that Albert Einstein, perhaps the biggest genius of the last century, was married to his own cousin and that he never wore socks in his shoes?Read more

In 1905, Albert Einstein published four studies that would change the laws of physics

Between March and September 1905, the German scientific journal "Annales der Physik" mailbox received four studies that would forever change the laws of physics and, ultimately, the conception of the reality of light, matter, time, and space. The author wasRead more

February 22, 1923, Einstein's first visit to Spain

On February 22, 1923, Albert Einstein and his wife got off a train in Barcelona, coming from France. The German physicist forgot to notify their arrival time so there was no one to receive them. They walked through the city of Barcelona to a humble pension, before the matter was clarified and they were transferred to the Ritz.Read more

Collection of stamps about Einstein

A great scientist who is remembered in many ways, some as curious and significant as a collection of stamps.Read more

Interactive Sheet: Albert Einstein

Although he had a certain difficulty to express himself, since he did not start speaking until he was three years old, he was the world’s most popular scientist thanks to his development of the Theory of Relativity, which revolutionized science as it was known up to the 20th century.Read more

What do you know about Albert Einstein?

Test your knowledge about Albert Einstein with this quiz.Read more