The orchestra that creates art with radioactive isotopes

Traditionally, the music was played with violins, trombones and the poor little triangle guy who gets ignored in an opera house. Then came some guys with long hair, leather jackets, and electric guitars. Now, some hipsters with horn-rimmed glasses and misplaced headphones take the melodies from a PC. And what's next? The radioactive orchestra that makes art with nuclear isotopes.

Its instrument is a gamma ray spectrometer, which draws graphs of different colors (from red for high radioactive levels to blue or green for the lowest) as it approaches or moves away from the radioactive material and converts them into rhythms and postmodern melodies.

Their ultimate goal is not to create a scientific experiment, but rather to use science as a starting point to make art, but along the way they have invented the most accurate way yet to represent what we know about radioactive materials. As Homer would say: Let's go isotopes!

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