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Nuclear Energy and CC targets

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Ionizing Radiation and Radiological Protection

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This material presents the contents at three levels of depth:


  • Printed sheets. Support material that helps teachers explain the topic in the classroom. To download the printable material you can access it via the QR code.
  • Augmented reality: Contents can be extended via an app (HP Reveal) downloaded on the mobile phone or tablet. When you scan the printed image you can access videos and/or links to other sources.


  • Course: A QR code will grant access to a self-directed course in a virtual platform.

The printed sheet can be used to explain the topic in the classroom, with the possibility of extending the information thanks to layers of augmented reality (it requires downloading the “HP Reveal” app, previously known as Aurasma. Should you need to explore the topic in even more depth, it includes a QR code that links to a self-directed course you can join as a guest. There, apart from exploring the topic further with videos, documentation and proposals for classroom work, there is the option to validate acquired knowledge via the lessons and self-evaluating questionnaires.