The refrigerator is the appliance with the highest energy consumption in homes, despite the fact that its power is not too excessive, about 200 W, its uninterrupted use makes it the electrical appliance that consumes the most energy in the home.

If we use energy efficiently and responsibly, we can reduce this consumption, which will have an impact on our pockets and the environment.

Decalogue of practical advice to use the refrigerator efficiently

  1. We recommend that you buy a class A+++ refrigerator (the most efficient), in this way you will save energy and you will also notice it when you receive your electricity bill.
  2. Never place the refrigerator close to sources that emit heat (eg oven) as it loses its cooling capacity.
  3. Don't buy too big a fridge if you don't need it!
  4. You must check that the door rubbers are in good condition and close correctly, with this we will avoid cold losses.
  5. It is recommended to clean the back of the refrigerator at least once a year.
  6. After heating a food, do not immediately put it in the fridge, wait for it to cool down before putting it in the fridge.
  7. When you have to defrost food, don't leave it out, leave it in the refrigerator compartment, this way you'll be adding extra cold..
  8. The ideal temperature is 6ºC for the refrigeration compartment and -18ºC for the freezer.
  9. The door should be opened as few times as possible and when it opens it should be closed quickly. If you leave the door open for a long time, you are wasting a lot of energy.
  10. You must defrost the refrigerator when it has a layer of ice that exceeds 3mm thick, with this simple gesture you will save almost 30% of energy.

Did you know?

With responsible use of the refrigerator we can save up to 60 euros a year on the electricity bill.

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