Special Ecological Gifts

Gifts with a conscience!

Three Kings Day is approaching and from Rincón Educativo we suggest that this year your gifts respect the environment, so we give you some ideas of ecological gifts, so that you can add them to your wish list:

Ideal gifts for women with pleasure but 100% Ecofriendly!

  • Handmade earrings are a very good option and easy to make. You can use a soda can by cutting it into any shape you like (round, square, teardrop, or crescent), punching a hole, and inserting a small hook that you can buy at any haberdashery. You can also paint them the color you like best.
  • And a necklace made with used coffee colored capsules? To do this, you must crush the capsules so that they are completely flat, then you drill a hole in the upper part of the capsules to insert a small ring, and finally, you add a cloth or plastic cord. You can make matching earrings and ring!
  • Recycled bags: if you have clothes that you no longer use, do not throw them away, since you can make an original bag. You just have to cut the fabric into two rectangles of the same size, sew these on the sides and bottom and make a strip of the same fabric, sewing each end of it to each square. If you feel like it, you can paint it and/or personalize it with a name or drawing.
collares y bolsos ecológicos

Gifts valid for the whole family!

  • Diary or recycled paper notebook: you only have to bind the sheets of recycled paper, or the remains of sheets that are not used, and as covers use cardboard, or cardboard remains, which you can decorate as you like. A good option is dried flowers and glued leaves.
  • Scented candles: another nice gift is gel wax candles. You can make them at home by adding a natural fragrance to the wax, coloring in the tone you prefer, and finally adding shells, figurines or sand.
libretas y velas

For the men of the house!

  • Did you know that there are shavers that are recharged by solar energy? They work just as well as the traditional ones, and you will save on the electricity bill.

Eco-friendly gift ideas for tech lovers!

  • If you are passionate about electronics, mobile phone chargers that are recharged with solar energy are currently being sold.
  • Another option is USB flash drives made from environmentally friendly materials, such as bamboo.
  • A good gift is a mobile phone case made from recycled plastic.

Wrapping paper: little utility and a lot of expense

If you already have the ideal gift, all you have to do is wrap it. Wrapping papers are impractical, they only fulfill the function of decorating and then they end up in the garbage can. You can make your wrapper from old magazines or recycled paper that you can decorate with a nice marbling.

To marble a paper you need the following:

  • Glue
  • A plastic container
  • 3 colors of oil paint

Once the glue is arranged in the container, small drops of each color are added to it, and one color is mixed with another. With the help of a brush or small brush, it is spread over the paper and placed face down to let it dry.

You can also take advantage of the mixture to dye notebooks, CD covers, pencils, etc.

Another option to wrap gifts is a handkerchief, since in addition to being the best wrapping it is a gift in itself. Have you thought about that?

envoltorio ecológico

We hope we have contributed to making your letter to the Three Wise Men more ecological this year.

Happy Kings!

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