Fortunately there have been improvements in the technology of these appliances, and currently there are models that select the water temperature and programs that reuse the heat used in washing to use it in drying or rinsing.

Practical advice to reduce the energy consumption of the dishwasher

  1. Choose a dishwasher with an energy label in the most efficient class.
  2. Fill the dishwasher to its maximum capacity. Don't turn it on until it's completely full!
  3. We all rinse dishes under the tap before putting them in the dishwasher, but please don't do it with hot water!
  4. Try to dry remove the remains of food from the dishes.
  5. If your dishes are not very dirty, use an economic or low temperature program.
  6. Perform periodic maintenance on your dishwasher: clean the filter and check the charge level of salt and rinse aid.
  7. Use a dishwasher with a suitable size for your needs.
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