Applications of solar thermal energy

Aplicaciones de la energía solar térmica


The heating of a room can be done by introducing hot air inside or by heating elements, through which hot water circulates. The use of solar radiation for heating premises presents the same division: air collectors or water collectors can be used.

In the latter case, it is not appropriate to use conventional radiators, since they need water at 80-90 ºC, while flat solar collectors work with acceptable performance, providing water at 50 ºC. Then, you have to use other heating systems such as:

  •  Underfloor heating (circulation of water through pipes located under the pavement of the premises).
  • Oversized radiators (radiator surface much larger than conventional ones, to be able to give off the same heat with water flow at a lower temperature).
  •  Fan-coils or convectors (group of tubes through which the water circulates and which is traversed by a current of air that heats up and is distributed throughout the environment).

Pool heating

The consumption of conventional energy for heating swimming pools is permitted by law only when they are located in closed premises. For outdoor pools, solar thermal energy is the most appropriate option.

Closed circuit systems can be used (when the generation of domestic hot water or heating is combined with flat solar collectors), or open circuit (for uses only in summer, rubber or plastic collectors can be used, cheaper than flat ones ).

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