Is our house properly insulated?

A large part of the energy losses in a home depend on its poor insulation, this also depends on the climate of the town where the home is located. The heat necessary to be able to feel comfortable in our house depends to a large extent on its thermal insulation.

If our home is inadequately insulated, it will need extra energy, in winter condensation will occur due to its rapid cooling, while in summer the heat will penetrate our home in a short time. Due to these two circumstances, we will make greater use of heating and air conditioning respectively.

An improvement in the insulation of our home can lead to savings of 30% in the consumption of heating and air conditioning.

Interior insulation is just as important as exterior. Regarding the internal insulation of our house, it is important to reinforce:

  • Windows
  • Window frames, moldings and doors
  • Shutter boxes
  • Pipelines
  • Chimneys

On the outer roof, it is important to have good insulation by means of walls in adjoining houses, as well as in areas close to spaces without air conditioning.

Some practical tips on insulation

  1. If your home is newly built, insulation is simple, just install a 3-centimetre-thick layer of cork, fiberglass or polyurethane that has the same insulating capacity as a 1-meter-thick stone wall.
  2. It is advisable to install double-glazed windows, these systems reduce heat losses by almost 50% compared to conventional glazing, they also limit drafts, condensation and frost formation. No less important is the type of window carpentry, iron and aluminum are heat conducting materials, so it is advisable to use wooden frames for windows. Above all, it is recommended to install thermal break windows.
  3. It must be ensured that the blind boxes do not have any cracks and are perfectly insulated.
  4. If you are not using the fireplace, please close the flue!
  5. Cover the cracks with silicone or putty, these materials are very cheap and will reduce air leaks in doors and windows.
  6. Check if your house has drafts. You can do it in the following way: light a candle on a windy day and place it next to doors or windows, if the candle flame moves, this means that there are air leaks at that point, to limit them we advise you to cover them with silicone, putty or weather stripping.

Did you know?

In winter, for every m2 of conventional glass, the energy contained in 12 kg of diesel is wasted.

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