Technique to review concepts or review specific issues of a topic.


Achieve a learning dynamic in the group, which starts with the individual and ends in the group.


Ask each group one of the following questions:

  • What is energy?
  • What forms of energy are there?
  • What sources of energy do you know?
  • Name three renewable energies
  • Name 3 non-renewable energies
  • What is sustainable development?

Each individual thinks of the correct answer, then they share it in pairs and discuss it. When they reach a common conclusion, they bring it to the attention of the whole group, in order to achieve the final answer of the 4.


  • One session.
  • Three minutes will be timed for sharing in pairs and three more minutes for the group.
  • Subsequently, each team will offer the rest of the class the results of their debates and a sharing of all the issues is carried out.
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