The CERN app to see the Big Bang in Augmented Reality


CERN has developed an application in collaboration with Google Arts & Culture where we can see a representation of the birth of our universe in augmented reality. An essential and spectacular application that you should try if you have a mobile compatible with ARCore.

The CERN application to know the origin of the universe

Human beings have always been curious about our origins, also about our future. There are many studies about the origin of the universe, which indicate that the origin of everything was with a great explosion, known as the Big Bang.


Are you curious about our origins? What if we told you that you can do it through augmented reality? There is an application that makes it possible, and it has been developed by CERN itself, the European organization for nuclear research. One of the most prestigious scientific organizations worldwide.

What we know next is a recreation of everything that science knows about the origin of the universe, from the bonding of the first atoms to the creation of the solar system in which planet Earth is located.

To be able to access this experience, it is necessary that you have a mobile compatible with ARCore, Google's advanced augmented reality platform. Once you enter Google Play, if it appears that the application is not compatible with your device, it means that our device does not support ARCore. Anyway, we leave you the official list of mobiles compatible with ARCore.

ARCore compatible phones (official list).

The application is available completely free of charge, without any type of advertisement or micropayments. It is an educational application that we undoubtedly recommend to live one of the most amazing augmented reality experiences.

A must visit for children, but also for adults, and anyone with scientific curiosity.