Pierre Curie, a life cut short on April 19, 1906

Pierre Curie, una vida truncada el 19 de abril de 1906

Everything seemed ready to undertake new and promising investigations when the tragedy occurred. Around half past two in the afternoon on Thursday, April 19, 1906, Pierre said goodbye to the professors with whom he had lunched. In the rain, he started to cross the Rue Dauphine, passing behind a horse-drawn carriage. He was, as always, engrossed in his thoughts. In the middle of the road, a heavy cart drawn by a horse that was moving at great speed got in their way. Startled, he tried to grab the brute's harness, which reared; the wise man's feet slipped on the wet pavement and the huge cart, which weighed more than six tons, ran over him. Marie Curie remained petrified for several days. When she understood the meaning of what happened, she believed that there was no point in her continuing to fight. However, her passion for science ended up being stronger than her grief over Pierre's death. Overcoming her pain, she convinced herself that she should continue the work they had both started and that this was the best way to honor her memory.

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