August 7, 1948 - Death of Mileva Marić Ruzić, how much did she contribute to Einstein's discoveries?

This Serbian mathematician from a wealthy family is also known by the name of Mileva Einstein for being a colleague and first wife of Albert Einstein.

Since she was little, she stood out for her intelligence and her interest in music, painting, physics and mathematics.

Mileva and Einstein began a very strong romantic relationship in 1896 and had three children with him. She decides to sacrifice all her professional and research possibilities to dedicate herself to caring for her family, despite the fact that Mileva already had a great academic preparation at that time. She had developed research on number theory, differential and integral calculus, elliptic functions, heat theory, and electrodynamics.

The marriage with Einstein deteriorated until their divorce was formalized in 1919 after signing a clause in which Einstein promised to cede part of the financial prize for the Nobel Prize in Physics to Mileva, if awarded, an event that occurred in 1921.

Mileva exhausted the money on medical care for her son Eduard, who was diagnosed with schizophrenia and whose psychotic episodes and violent attacks led him to suffer a nervous breakdown for which he had to be admitted to the hospital urgently, suffering several embolisms that caused his death in 1948.

The debate on the potential contribution of Mileva to the first works published by Einstein due to his mathematical knowledge is served and is currently maintained thanks to documents and letters that have come to light.

If you want to know more about her life, click on the following link: Mileva Maric

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