April 14, 1935 - Death of Emmy Amalie Noether

April 14, 1935- Emmy Amalie Noether dies, a mathematician recognized for her work in theoretical algebra that proved two basic theorems, both for relativity and for elementary particle physics, one of them known as Noether's Theorem.

Emmy studied mathematics at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, where her father, the mathematician Max Noether, taught. After finishing her doctoral thesis under the supervision of Paul Gordan, she began working at the Erlangen Mathematical Institute. Her vocation reached such dimensions that she was there for 7 years without receiving any compensation.

In 1915 she entered the world renowned mathematics department at the University of Göttingen at the invitation of David Hilbert and Felix Klein. She got her habilitation for teaching in 1919, being very loved and admired by her students who were known as "Noether's boys". She there she continued until 1933.

Emmy had to emigrate to the United States after the expulsion, by the Nazi government of Germany, of the Jews who held positions in the universities. There she took a position at Bryn Mawr College in Pennsylvania.

In 1935 she underwent an ovarian cyst operation and she passed away four days later at the age of 53.

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