February 28, 1814 – Birth of Edmond Frémy, known for the salt that bears his name, although he also made great discoveries, such as the artificial ruby


Chemist whose research focused on studying chemical compounds; leaf and flower dyes; composition of bone, brain matter and other animal substances; fermentation processes and contributions to industrial chemistry such as their contribution to the knowledge of the manufacture of iron and steel, sulfuric acid, glass and paper, and in particular the saponification of fats with sulfuric acid and the use of palmitic acid to make candles

In 1845, he discovered the salt that bears his name. It is a long-lived free radical that is used as a standard in electron paramagnetic resonance spectroscopy.

At the end of his life, he devoted himself to the problem of obtaining alumina in crystalline form and managed to make rubies identical to natural gems, not only in chemical composition, but also in physical properties.

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