May 24, 1686 - Birth of Daniel Fahrenheit, designed the famous scale and invented the mercury thermometer

Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit

He was a glass blower in Amsterdam, he developed precision instruments creating the water (1709) and mercury (1714) thermometers.

In 1717, he published "Acta Editorum" in which he proposed a new thermometric scale that bore his name. It was designed using a mixture of water and ammonium chloride salt in equal parts as a reference. The freezing value of that mixture he called 0°F (degrees Fahrenheit), his body temperature 96°F, and the freezing temperature of water without salts, 32°F. In particular, 212°F corresponds to 100°C, so the relationship between them is:

Ecuación Fahrenheit-Celsius

The Fahrenheit scale allows greater precision than the centigrade (later designed by Anders Celsius) when defining a specific temperature.

This scale is the most widely used in the United States and until very recently in the United Kingdom (which currently uses the metric system).

If you want to know more about this scientist, click on the following link: Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit

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