September 22, 1956 - Death of Frederick Soddy, Nobel Prize winner for his contribution to the knowledge of radioactivity and radioactive substances

Frederick Soddy

Physicist and Chemist who dedicated his entire career to teaching and researching radioactivity, isotopes, radium, and radioactive substances.

He postulated his Law of Displacement that allowed us to know the relationship between the families of radioactive elements, which led to the discovery of the radioactive element proactinium (at the same time that Otto Hanh and Lise Meitner did the same in Austria).

In 1921, he received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his contributions to understanding the chemistry of radioactive substances and for his research on the nature of isotopes.

He is also known for rediscovering Descartes' Circles Theorem in 1936 and publishing it as a poem, "The Kiss Precise", which is cited as one of Apollonius's Problems. The kissing circles in this problem are sometimes known as Soddy circles.

After the death of his wife, Winifred Beilby, in 1937, he did not resume his work on radioactivity and his interest was divided between economic and social issues, various political theories, and problem solving in the fields of mathematics and science. quantum mechanics.

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